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16th November 2001, 04:59.13 AM
A buddy with whom I have shared many a winning (and loosing) day at the racebook rang me up tonight lamenting how he blew a race at WO. Being a pencil and paper guy he capped the 5th at WO-"jeez-took me half an hour to get all my numbers"-a 12 horse tilt going 5.5f
"I couldnt believe all the speed-it had to come down to a closer even at that short a distance" he said. And then he said what I have heard a thousand times"Why didnt i just bet him to WIN?"
Can you spot the winner among these doggies if I just list the running styles and Q points?

1 F8
2 E6
3 S1
4 P3
5 P4
6 P4
7 P4
8 P5
9 E7
10 E7
11 P5
12 E6

Randy Giles(www.randygiles.com) a pace website-has among other methodolgies a pace pressure gauge-add all the Q points of entrants that have a min. of 5 points
At 20 points or more-start looking for a closer
The pace pressure gauge in this race was a sizzling 44!
I see one S type-the 3
How does he stand up in ability?
If you add his PER and CLA numbers there are only 2 better
He paid $35.10
I told my buddy to take 2 aspirins and call HTR in the morning

16th November 2001, 08:50.07 AM
wow...a 44. Thats a big number canuck. A few people (including me)here have done some db work with the pressure gauge. Though I haven't found any specific spot play but I have found when you see large numbers..like this one..you can at the very least eliminate the front runners. Now..figuring out who is going to be running up the lane....the P..the S ..the ugly R horse?

16th November 2001, 11:26.23 AM
Good point-they are not always a slam dunk (one lone P S or R) like this one
I think if you go with ones that have ANY proven ability to close you are looking at a good play