View Full Version : Reno Hilton Tournament

Steve Fierro
28th January 2003, 08:39.41 PM
I just wanted to thank the HTR group for their great support in our upcoming Reno Hilton Tournament. HTR will be well represented and good luck to all in their quest to be one of the first NTRA qualifiers for 2004. This is one of the boards I enjoy coming to on a regular basis. Thanks again Steve Fierro

Ken Massa
31st January 2003, 04:45.45 AM
Thanks for the encouraging message Steve. We have at least 3 HTR members making the trip to Reno, maybe more in a field of 64 maximum. This is a bracketed single elimination contest (for the top prize) similar to the college basketball's March madness. But those who lose their opening round can still compete for consolation money and an NTRA qualifying spot. 4 qualifiers in a 64 person tourney, pretty good odds.

For those that don't know him, Steve Fierro is the horse racing supervisor/manager at the Reno Hilton and one of the genuine good guys in this business - truly nice person. Best wishes to him and we hope the Hilton event will be another huge success.

2nd February 2003, 08:11.32 AM
I got a chance to meet Steve last year and will echo the "good guy". I liked his book as well. I have never been to the Reno Hilton, but I now have it on my list. The price on this is to steep for me, but there will be other times. Ialso found out he is an ex-coach too...so ehhhhh not too bad.