At The Races PRO

Version 8.36 - 25 March 2017



At The Races PRO (ATRpro)

ATRpro is an advanced gambling tool developed by Gary Pizzigati, a computer programmer, and Jack Burkholder, a professional horse player.  With ATRpro, horse players can complete analyses that are virtually impossible to perform manually. They can, for instance:

  • retrieve betting information from the Internet.
  • calculate relationships between the different betting pools (win, place, show, exacta, quinella and daily double).
  • track changes in the win and exacta pools as post time approaches.
  • calculate the profit potential for all types of bets, including DUTCHes and HEDGEs in any of the betting pools.
  • export tote data for real-time use by other software.


  • find the most efficient way to bet a particular horse.
  • identify differences in the betting pools that produce promising betting opportunities.
  • handicap the bettors at a specific track.
  • spot play alarms to alert you to promising bets.
  • estimated trifecta payoffs.
  • study tote data in unique ways including graphs and an automated Devere Tote Grid.

We think you'll find this program easy to use and we encourage you to check out the ATRpro on-line help file:

This fully functioning version of ATRpro is available for you to use for FREE for 30 days .  A registered version of ATRpro is available for $99.


  1. Home Screen
  2. The WPS Payoffs
  3. The Odds
  4. The Tote Grid
  5. The Exacta Stats
  6. The Exacta Bets
  7. The Double Bets
  8. The Quinella Bets
  9. Win Graph
  10. Win / Morning Line Graph
  11. Win / Show Graph
  12. Scratch Form
  13. Spot Play Form
  14. $1 Superfecta Cost Calculator
  15. $2 Win-Place-Show Calculator

The program is designed to be used at a resolution of at least 1024x768 or higher.

Thanks for trying ATRpro. We wish you an enjoyable and entertaining racing experience!

For support contact Gary at:

Disclaimer:  This program is for information only.  The user is responsible for checking all betting data values and is responsible for any errors.  The user must be aware that there are times that the data on the internet may be outdated or bad.  Registration provides an unlock code for the program that is good until the end of the calendar year.  The user is responsible for any sign-up and maintenance of log-in services to the internet tote providers.  There is no guarantee that access to the tote data will be available during the registration period - however, credit on future years registration fees will be given for each month that ATRpro loses access to all sites that provide WPS and exotics data.  There are no refunds.

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